Guest Post on Just Bento! Oh yeah, and another bento too…

Today marks my brush with the bento stratosphere. My guest post is up over at Just Bento, so give it a gander if you’d like to see my fancy dessert bento and mini cakes!

To those of you checking me out from just bento, welcome! I hope you stop by again because I have a few things to post from this weekend, including a pretty awesome squid salad I made yesterday.

In the meantime, here is my bento from Friday:

March 18

I was still trying to use up the two large bunches of cilantro I had bought at Haymarket. While most of it ended up in a pesto-like sauce I now have in my freezer, I decided to add a bunch of it to my salad to mix things up a bit. Adding fresh herbs to salads is a great idea to add some extra flavor without adding any fat or sodium. You’d be surprised how they can freshen things up, especially if you are like me and have been eating the same salad mix for 4 days. Also packed with this lunch was a small container of light rice wine vinegar for my cucumbers and lettuce.

PS – Journey of Will has a new layout and more regular posts. Check it out.

3 Responses to “Guest Post on Just Bento! Oh yeah, and another bento too…”

  1. The sister Says:

    Great guest spot…and thanks for the plug! New posts usually go up from me, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

  2. MC Brown Says:

    I did just see you on Just Bento, and I am excited as I live in Boston, too! I would love to subscribe to your site with my google reader!

  3. Stephany Says:

    I loved your guest spot on Just Bento! Please please please post your recipie for your jellies! I saw them and I wanted to try them so bad! <3 😮

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