Yes, I know that I have posted a bento very much like this one in the past. but the thing is that once you find something that works for you, you should stick with it, right?

March 16

There are a few differences to the baked egg star this time around. The first being the use of egg substitute. Each serving of this egg substitute is about 2 eggs, and that made two stars. The best thing about these little star frittatas is that I make them when I need to use up leftovers. The only thing that was required was some chopping, mixing, and baking in the toaster oven. The whole process was done in less than 20mins, and most of that time involved me watching Pushing Daises while the little guys cooked away.

The tomato salad in this bento is also meant to be used as a dressing for the salad. I intend to simply dump it out and mix it so that the yummy oil, garlic, and cilantro also mix with everything else. However, I did pack a little extra dressing just in case, but I don’t think I will be needing it.

Basically, my plan for today was something nice and light. There are no carbs, but to be honest that was not the intention. Really, I just wanted a quick bento that I could make before leaving for a birthday party last night. Tomorrow’s lunch will probably be something similar, but I might try something new for presentation.

Click on the picture for more details on contents of the bento.

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