The Boy Drinks Soda!

Today the part of Smal will be played by the boy. And now I bring you yet another item of mystery from the Super 88 store. Sodas. Now you may remember from my previous post, how a trip to this supermarket yields in foods and beverages of interesting tastes and flavors. These drinks are certainly no exception. So the main item on the agenda is Apple Soda.

Apple Soda

Now I know what you’re thinking. Apple soda, so what? Well I’ll tell you what’s what. This has to be the strangest carbonated beverage I’ve ever had. And believe me, I’ve drank just about every energy drink out there and lived to tell about it, but that’s a guest blog for another time. . . .

Anyway this Apple soda is both delicious and yet repugnant at the same time. I still can’t quite decide if’s good or not. Kinda like those left overs in your fridge that your not sure are still good or not. As matter of fact why don’t you go check on them right now and make sure they’re still edible.. Go on I’ll wait. . . Back? Ok. While you were checking I just hacked your bank account. Mwa hah aha ha. –ahem- Moving right along this soda has a really strange taste. It’s like Apple juice, soda water and something else. I’m not quite sure what, extra sugar perhaps? I tired to replicate it at home but soda water and Apple juice just don’t mix well. A closer look at the ingredients reveals no deep dark secrets or coded messages as to anything out of the ordinary. So I’m at a loss as to what it may be. And yet there is a kind of sweetness and refreshing taste to the drink that I can’t quite place my finger on. In any event It’s an acquired taste and if you can get past that first swallow, then it’s really not that bad. This is the kind of soda I’d recommend as a dessert soda, kinda like those dessert wines that go with pastries. In any event I have to give this item a 33/4 out 5 fish flavored vegetarian meat floss.

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  1. le petit vagabond Says:

    It looks like it’s from China. Anyway, have you heard of Zappel? It’s another apple carbonated drink. Pretty yummy.

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