Lunch – European Style

Sometimes I think that I could eat like this everyday, other times I’d rather just have hot food and would be better off with something less salty (I’m looking in your general direction yummy cured meats!).


This bento took less than 5 mins to make and has all my bases covered, including an apple for a snack later in the afternoon. Not too exciting, but still filled with all things I like and will be happy to eat at lunchtime. That seems to be the trick for me when I am watching what I am eating. Just make sure that your options are things you like to eat. Sure, something like oatmeal or yogurt might be good options for weight loss and be good for you, but you are only going to be miserable and cheat if you force yourself to eat them when you don’t like them. And yes, I realize that white Italian bread and salami are not the best choices, but you can’t deny yourself of everything either. I can use the bento to help me control portions when it comes to the “bad for me” stuff.

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