More food please…

You might have noticed in my last post that one of the bentos included a fancy salad and some omlette. In case you forgot, please feel free to look down. I can wait…just don’t take too long cause I got something to tell you. See it? Great. I have a question for you, does that look like a lot of food? No? Good point. On the day I ate that bento my co-worker discovered me later that afternoon, singing ballads of undying love to a bag of Chex Mix. Seriously, I was starving, so much that I didn’t even do my usual OCD habit of eating each chex mix-y item in the order of how much I like them. Starting with the okay pretzels and ending with the yummy salty chex themselves. Don’t look at me like that, you know you do it too.

So the next day, I decided to stuff myself with food that I liked that wouldn’t result in me taking that long walk of shame down to the vending machine. Here is the result:

More Food Please

This baby is filled with veggies, especially ones that I like. I didn’t feel like making things cute, so I used my cute new puppy container for some salad dressing to dip my carrot sticks in. The rest of the bento contains the following: celery and shrimp ball stir-fry, and chinese broccoli with a touch of hoisen mixed in with spicy schezuan sauce. You can tell that I just had a recent trip to the asian market, huh?

I am happy to report that I survived the afternoon that day without snacking. In fact, I was barely able to finish all the food. I also realized after the fact that this bento is also friendly for those of you who are watching their carbs. Just make sure you are careful with your salad dressing. Some of them have a surprising amount of sugar.

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