The Boy Speaks!

The boy here. Today I will be bringing you a guest blog as Smal has been having trouble with her wrists and can’t make bentos, much less type. This past Sunday we made a trip to the Super 88 which is a type of supermarket that mostly specializes in anything from Asia. They have quite a wide variety of foods there. Some I know of, others I could have a clue less about. Yet there was one thing that totally blew my mind while I was there. So without further adieu, I bring you something to both astound and amaze. I present to you, Vegetarian Fish flavored Meat Floss. Don’t think that such a thing can exist. Well look at the picture below.


I gotta admit, I have never seen such an oxymoron of foods mashed together such as this. That goes right up there with “jumbo shrimp” or “I did that accidentally on purpose.” I can maybe see how you can have an item be vegetarian and fish flavored or even vegetarian and meat flavored but not both. It’s as if the head guy in marketing thought to himself:

“We need to increase sales but how? Our Vegetarian floss is doing well, so is the fish floss, as well as our meat floss. I know, let’s just throw all the $#!T together and viola we’ll have the next Funions sensation”

Now upon closer inspection, it appears as if the product is some kind of shredded dried pork. Which, I guess if you drink a bottle or two of vodka it’d kinda look like floss. I think they should have called it Vegetarian Fish flavored Meat pencil shavings rather then floss since it appears to be that much closer in appearance. Maybe something got lost in translation. I don’t know. In any event I regret not making a purchase of the stuff. I suppose at the time in an effort of buying only what we need and not what we want, this was passed over. I should have made an exception if only to taste it and see what, if any, in the title will it taste like. If I go back any time soon, I’ll make sure to pick up a bag and give it a spin.

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  1. the sister Says:

    I also liked the “Vegatarian Snack” that said “WARNING: this is not a snack!”.

  2. Angel Says:

    LOL that sounds hilarious. I wonder how it can be considered vegetarian if its made from pork. Doesn’t make sense to me.

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