My New Find

Perhaps you remember my love of vintage recipes?  If not, please refer to this lovely post. Ok, so knowing (cause you are up to speed at this point now, right?) how much I love vintage recipes, I made the most remarkable, wonderful, bestest EVER last month while I was staying with my mother. I was digging around in an attempt to find a few recipe cards for some family favorites when I stumbled upon this:


In between my squeals of delight, Mom managed to tell me that her mother bought this for her right before her wedding. Well then, good thing an entire section of this called “Men’s Favorites.” There is no “Women’s Favorites” section because I figure they assumed we lady-types would be spending all out time eating recipes from the “Calorie Counters” sections while we make our men things like Pot Roast and Buttermilk Donuts. Remind me to thank The Boy for validating my existence. Boy Howdy! *eyeroll

Well prepare yourself to be seeing these recipes scattered into my blog posts, including the recipe cards themselves. Things this good are no fun if you don’t share!

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