Walnut Tea Loaf

From time to time I am taking over by a baking madness. I will dig through all my cookbooks, search the web like a maniac, and totally trash the kitchen just because I want my kitchen to be all warm and toasty and smell like butter and flour.

When this madness comes over me, I will often just make something easy like a beer bread because I already have most of those ingredients in my house. But what happens on a Sunday after a rather festive Saturday and poor me has come to the horrifying realization that there is NO BEER IN THE HOUSE?! A very rare occasion in my household, but it has been known to happen. I blame The Boy.

Thankfully, I was able to find this recipe for Walnut Tea Loaf.

Walnut Bread

The recipe itself is in metrics, but it is easy enough to follow if you have a scale and a good liquid measuring cup. I did replace the golden syrup with agave nectar because I couldn’t find anything else in my kitchen and used natural brown demerara sugar to make the top look pretty and sparkly. The bread itself was on the dense side, a bit chewy (in a good way), and really satisfying.

Yummy on its own, I like my Walnut Loaf toasted and then drenched in butter and honey or marmalade. Nom!

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