Shy Bunny

Due to my rather boring bentos lately (with the exception of Bernard the Wonder Carrot of course), I decided to step things up a bit to show everyone another aspect of bento making that makes bentos so fun: showing off!

When you are making bentos for other people (or even yourself in my case), it is not uncommon for people to really get into the mindset of food art. Some people do it to remind their kids how much they love them while they are away at school, and other people (like me) do it a) to prove to myself that I am capable of some artistic expression and b) because a little face like that smiling back at you can be a real pick me up when you are at work.

And so I give you Shy Bunny:

Shy Bunny

Shy Bunny is actually made from a food cutting kit I got off of ebay. There were instructions on how to make her, but I adjusted her a little bit to my own taste. Needless to say, she is a pretty impressive little thing for not too much extra work. With the help of this little cut-out kit, there is the possibility that I might try to stretch myself a little further and really devote myself to creating more fun little characters. I think they make things around her a bit more interesting and frankly I enjoy the sense of accomplishment.

As for the food, please feel free to click on the pic and read the comments on the flickr page.

The Story of Shy Bunny

Shy Bunny never liked her name much. Some people say that she was too shy to be comfortable with the idea of people knowing that she was shy, but the truth was, she had always wanted to be named Shirley instead. It was just a matter of preference.

The End!

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