A New Japanese Grocery Store

Some of you out there may remember my sadness over the closing of Kotobukiya in Porter Square. No really, the loss of that store really did change the look of my bentos and though I know there is another shop in Union Square…well, things haven’t been the same.

Then today, my sister sent me a link to Ebisuya. Rumor has it this store is owned by some past employees of Kotobukiya! Could this mean that I will be able to find my usual products with no problems? And what is this about free parking? Be still my little heart. There is hope for my poor lonely bento boxes yet.

I hope to get to the store myself within the next few weeks, but if anyone has been there yet, please feel free to write a comment below to let us know how things are looking.

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  1. The Red Menace Says:

    Down at the bottom of this thread someone gives their thoughts: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/645101

    Have you been to the HMart yet? I realize that it’s Korean but it might have some comparable stuff: http://www.hmart.com/ I’m dying to go – we’re near there all the time for Market Basket but I still haven’t had a chance to visit!

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