A Need for Mead

About two years ago, my friends and I got together to make blueberry mead. We combined several pounds of honey, bags of blueberries that we picked ourselves, water, and yeast. Once the fermentation process had begun, we pretty much left it in a carboy in my friends’ basement and forgot about it.

Not many people are all that familiar with mead. And a lot of people who have had mead before usually think of a sticky sweet honey alcohol that you get every year at your local Renaissance Faire. The truth is that mead is a lot more than that. While it can be quite sweet, it can also be dry, fizzy like champagne, and everything in between. It’s also known as “honey wine” which is a good way to think of it because it can be just as complicated as any other wine. The mead we made this time around is a melomel. A melomel is a mead made with honey and any kind of fruit.

We chose to make a blueberry mead because we had access to an amazing crop of blueberries grown by a neighbor in New Hampshire. We wanted a fruit that would add color and flavor. The end result was better then we hoped:

Blueberry Mead 2

As for the flavor, it begins with a slight fruity taste followed by a drier honey taste that has really nice floral notes. I’m not the best at describing tastes, but it’s the kind of drink that you could lightly sip all day and appreciate how good it tastes with every sip. In fact, I had just recently bought a honey wine that I ended up throwing away out of disappointment. It was terrible. This mead, we are hoping to bottle this weekend and have already been discussing how we are going to be able to ration it out until we are able to make some more.

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  1. The Red Menace Says:

    It’s pretty! Congratulations on a successful experiment!

  2. The Goog Says:

    Oh man that looks really nice! I am looking forward to getting myself a sip!

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