Sunday Dinner Bento

Monday’s bentos are usually the best simply because I have all Sunday to get ready for it. Either I have really tasty leftovers from a nice Sunday dinner, or I’m not too worn out from work to really take the time to make the bento staples that I need to help me make it through the rest of the week’s bentos.

This bento features some leftovers from my Sunday roasted chicken dinner. I admit to using jarred gravy, which in the end was a huge loss cause the chicken drippings were incredible looking, but gravy is one of those things that I am still trying to get a real grasp on. Practice does make perfect, but a cranky chef is not always going to enjoy the meal.

Roasted Chicken Bento

There is rice under the chicken and I added a few dried apricots for dessert. The only extra cooking I did for this bento was the artichoke. I love artichokes with a passion and while my preferred method is to stuff them, I chose to steam this one instead. Steamed in my rice cooker while I cooked the rice for dinner, I only had to worry about making a dip for the artichoke leaves. While many recipes are mayo based for dip, I either use yogurt or even salad dressing instead.

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  1. Scifinds Says:

    Artichoke! Interesting choice. I must admit I have never been a huge fan of them, but maybe I haven’t had them prepared the right way.

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