Back to the grind

The trip to London was so great that I’m almost sad to announce that I have returned to my usual schedule. The good news is that I have returned with lots of goodies and a few new projects in mind.

But rather then spend all my time posting pics of my sightseeing, I give you what might have been one of the best things we ate our entire stay in London…Jam Roly Poly:


Jam Roly Poly is a traditional British Pudding made with suet dough. The dough is rolled flat, spread with jam, then rolled into a log shape. I believe our Roly Poly was baked, but in the past it has also been steamed in men’s shirt sleeves, giving it the nickname Dead Man’s Arm.

This Roly Poly was served with a warm custard sauce and a bit of extra jam. The dough itself was chewy rather than spongy. My sister described it best when she said that the dough reminded her of a soft pretzel.

I’m hoping to recreate a reasonable copy of this dessert sometime in the future, though I will need to figure out if this was made with suet or not. Because something tells me, suet might not be all that easy to find. Either way, I am sure that I will be able to find people willing to taste my first few efforts. The hardest part for me is going to be deciding on a jam flavor, unless I can get my hands on some boysenberry preserves this fall.

2 Responses to “Back to the grind”

  1. Susan Says:

    Suet is required to make jam roly poly. IIRC it can be substituted for solid vegetable shortening

    There you go, confirmation :0)

  2. Amikins Says:

    suiet is very easy to find in supermarkets, perhaps easier around the holidays, but ive found it at random times during the year also. I’m just north of boston and i know you can get it at like stop and shop around here.

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