Dive into Fall

Fall is a big deal in New England. So big that there are websites devoted to letting you know where and when the leaves are at their vibrant peak. Weekends are spent picking apples, drinking cider, and getting the outdoors as much as you can before the long (and somewhat miserable) winter hits. For many New Englanders Fall is their favorite time of year. And to be honest, it’s mine too. The weather is the most comfortable and I no longer feel the need to avoid my poor oven. So, in celebration of the changing season my bento features one of my fall favorites: squash.

Squash bento

As a kid, I didn’t care much for squash. I didn’t like the baby food texture, and I often found it cloying sweet when mixed with syrup and/or brown sugar. But mostly, I think it was a texture thing. It wasn’t until I was an adult and living with my sister when she taught me that squash could be roasted and savory. Well, glory be!

The acorn squash in this bento was simply sprayed with a little butter flavored Pam and then coated in a bunch of my favorite seasonings: paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, thyme, and some sea salt. Next I roasted it in the toaster oven. When it was time to eat, I simply used a spoon to scoop out the smooth squashy delight from the skin. It took a lot of will power not to keep the second half for myself rather then add it to The Boy’s bento. Acorn squash – FOR THE WIN!

3 Responses to “Dive into Fall”

  1. jw_elise Says:

    I win at squash! The Goog and I have been eating buttercup squash lately. That’s pretty good too.

  2. The Red Menace Says:

    Winter squash is one of my favorite vegetables ever. I, too, hated it as a child but one day just…got over it. Have you had Red Kuri? Myers + Chang makes an amazing Red Kuri soup, but it’s pretty dang good all on its own, too.

  3. hapa bento Says:

    “Dive into Fall” is exactly how I feel. We had 75 degrees one day then BAM! The next morning was only 48 degrees. Your bento looks delish and reminds me that squash can be bentoist friend.

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