Impress your co-workers…

with your mad bento skills!

Remember that huge bento a friend of mine got for me in Japan? It’s slowly becoming my new favorite way to impress people when I bring food over to their event. The lid keeps everything safe and clean, and then BAM! Behold the presentation-y goodness. I said BEHOLD! Best of all, if you don’t feel like getting too fancy with the arrangement, there are always adorable little pics to do that for you. Needless to say, this went over extremely well for a co-worker’s birthday.

Fruit Salad

The only con to this is the watchful eye I feel that I need to keep over my box sometimes. Shared fridges can be a scary place, especially when you hear stories of people having all the chicken picked out of their stir-fry lunch by some carnivorous creep. Um gross. I say, if you are going to eat my food, at least eat the whole thing. Trust me, I don’t want what you’ve picked through.

3 Responses to “Impress your co-workers…”

  1. The Red Menace Says:

    Ugh, did that really happen? The chicken thing? That is horrifying.

    Your fruit salad, however, is not ugh. Instead, it looks divine!

  2. smalerie Says:

    My co-worker swears it is true. The funny thing is that there is a warning by the fridges saying that there are video cameras dutifully watching over everyone’s lunch. Guess they are not as effective as one would hope.

  3. jw_elise Says:

    What is wrong with people….seriously.

    Good pic, I’m glad the photo tent is working out so well!

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