I know that I haven’t been the best about blogging lately, but truth be told I have been a little distracted by a new addition to my family. I know that I have been whining for a long time about how my life would never be complete without a dog, but now I have a new furry friend to tide me over. Her name is Danger Mouse and she is one rockin’ chinchilla. See proof below:

Danger Mouse!

That’s her in like her millionth attempt to escape and either explore her new home, or eat my eyeballs… I haven’t figured out which one of those she plans to do yet. What I can say is that I’ve been working pretty hard over the past couple weeks to get her as used to people as possible. It’s my hope to get her tame enough to be handled without her freaking out or losing her hair due to stress. Right now she is pretty content to be petted and surprised me by jumping into my hand for a few moments last night. However, I don’t think it was affection so much as wanting to eat the ribbon on my nightgown.

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