Devil Duckie Cake

I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned it around these parts, but back in high school I had an amazing job that allowed me to spend entire afternoons decorating ice cream cakes. Seriously, the days that I was put on cakes were my favorites and I would spend hours in the back room singing the praises of the industrial mixer, brill, and wondering how long it would be before the purple dye would fade from my hands.

When that job ended, I decided to keep making cakes as a hobby. I have now switched to baked cakes (not enough room in my freezer for the cake), and try to keep my cakes quirky and fun. My latest cake was created for my friend Sean’s Birthday BBQ this weekend:

Full On Duckie

This guy here took about six hours to make from start to finish. Mind you, this includes cooling time for the cakes, and making my own frosting and gum paste. I use a boiled frosting because it tastes like marshmallow, but it really isn’t the easiest stuff to work with. If your cake gets too warm, things can get pretty ugly. The bottom of the cake also has some airbrushing done with Wilton’s Color Mist. There was a sour cherry cordial filling between the layers of the bottom tier (the non-duckie) part of the cake. The duck shape was made using a duck shaped pan. I am not that experienced with sculpting yet, and I wanted to make sure this cake worked out.

Overall, I think the little guy was a hit. Now I just wonder what kind of cake I should make next…

PS – If you want to see more angles of the cake, click on the pic to check out my photo stream.

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