Today we have another treat from the Scottish Heritage Festival. Throughout the day, my friend and I kept seeing people carting away these cases of what I thought was orange soda. Sure, I thought it was strange, but maybe the Scots all just really “wanna Fanta?”

Well, it turns out it wasn’t Fanta, or Crush, or Sunkist, or whatever. Instead it was Irn-Bru (iron brew). It’s blinding brightness was just too strong for my friend to resist and she grabbed a diet one to enjoy with her meat pie. It’s hard to explain what this stuff tastes like, but after one sip, I was pretty content to allow my friend to enjoy this unique taste sensation all by herself. The flavor is a bit citrus-y, but there are so many other flavors mixed in there that it doesn’t last long before your mouth is under a sugary siege of “huh?” At one point I though it reminded me of those times as a kid where I would eat an entire roll of Smarties in one go, at another point the flavor made me think of Red Bull. Later research proved that Irn-Bru has 32 flavor agents, so um yeah…that’s a lot of flavors. No wonder my tongue got so confused.


2 Responses to “Irn-Bru”

  1. arkonite Says:

    Ah Irn Bru, a true scottish delight! Enjoyed by us over here in Northern Ireland too!
    Have you tried a deep fried mars bar yet??

  2. Garth Says:

    YAY! Irn-Bru! My favorite drink. I still have to get up to the Union Jack store in Peabody to stock up on some. Great stuff.

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