Is there anything else in here other than sugar and butter?

Since my friend grew up in Cornwall, she has attended many highland games in her time and knows a bit about Scottish goodies. Thanks to her, I am able to give you a quick run down of a few popular Scottish sweets.

Let’s start with the most horrifying:

Please understand that I am not calling it horrifying because it’s not good. Quite the contrary in fact. It’s deliciously EVIL. One bite of this stuff (which is solid and grainy like penuche or maple candy), and I turned to my friend and asked in dismay “Is there anything in here other than butter and sugar? I’m going to need that artery later.” She just grinned at me and said “Vanilla probably…but that’s pretty much it.”

Bless her heart, she was right!

We just forgot the condensed milk. I would imagine you could make this at home pretty easily, but to be honest, just cream together some butter and sugar with a fair amount of vanilla and you are pretty much there. I think this was discovered by someone who was making cookies one afternoon and just gave up a quarter of the way through. Imagine this: “Huh? I’m out of eggs? And flour? I don’t care, you ungrateful little snots are going to eat it anyway. Do you have any idea how hard I had to work to soften that butter?! Besides, we won’t know the dangers of high cholesterol for years anyway. Hopefully we’ll all be dead from heart attacks by then.”

Oh Butter Tablet, if you were a man, I would make out with you then slap you for being so presumptuous!

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