If it’s not Scottish…

Everyone should have one of those friends.  You know what I mean, the kind that calls you up and says “I’m gonna be at your place in 20 mins.  Make yourself look presentable and bring a tooth brush.”  You jump into their car, pray that you remembered to charge your cell, and make sure to tell a loved one to have the bail money ready.

Oh yeah, it’s the best!

This weekend that friend of mine, who knows me disturbingly well, took me to an event that I would never think to go to but ended up LOVING.  Think of it, big burly men throwing trees, culinary treats that involve pounds of butter and cow innards, and…wait for it…..BAGPIPES!  Um, yes, yes, yes!  HOORAY!  B, thanks again.  You take me to the best places.

I am happy to report that I attended my first Scottish Heritage Festival this weekend.  No, I am not a lick of Scottish, but who cares when there are Highland Games to be seen on the Cape?

Since the primary focus of this blog is food, I am going to do my best to focus on the goodies we ate while at the festival. And since I had a lot to learn about Scottish goodies, my friend made sure I tried almost everything. For the sake of my typing fingers and your attention spans, I am going to split this up into more than one posting.

Let’s start with the savory:

Haggis Puff:
haggis puff

Haggis-y Goodness

Meat pie:
Meat Pie


The sauce on the side is HP and we were promised that this was the real stuff and not the kind from Canada that you find in markets around here. Since I’m only a mild fan of the stuff, I couldn’t tell the difference. The meat pie was yummy, but pretty much tasted the way you would expect it to. The crust was good and crispy and the inside was nicely seasoned. The haggis puff was a bit stronger in flavor and I think I liked it better because of it. The puff pasty was standard and not much to write home about, but the haggis was surprisingly good. The irony flavor of the liver is really tamed down by the seasoning and oatmeal on the inside. If you are comfortable with organ meats, this is child’s play. For those of you who are new to this kind of eating, I would imagine this would be a nice place to start. Think white or blood pudding only made with liver instead. Mind you, I think that was beef liver and not the traditional lamb, so the real stuff is probably a lot more intense than this was. Still, not a bad choice for tea.

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