All That Orange

Sweet zombie jesus have we seen a change in weather this week.  From constant rain, it’s been hot and humid and still quite yucky if you ask me.  When the humidity is weighing you down, it’s so hard to convince yourself that you should be spending time in the kitchen.  The result for me, has been less bentos.  I’ve been guilty of just throwing stuff in a gladware and then running upstairs to hide in my air conditioned bedroom.  For the sake of you dear bloggers, I did come up with a little something of the monochromatic variety.

All Orange

For contents, just click on the pic and you’ll be wisked away to flickr where you can see the embedded notes by hovering your mouse over the pic a bit.  Ain’t technology grand?  Now I gotta go make sure The Boy hasn’t eaten all my lime freezy pops!

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