Historical Failure – Part 2

There are probably several places I went wrong: trying to make dinner at the same time I pieced together my pasty, using cheap store brand pie dough, not really measuring or adhearing to a recipe, just randomly using some beef that was cheap and therefore in my budget.

I was feeling pretty good about things until it was time to put the pasty together.  The dough ripped and I have no gift for crimping.  They were ugly, but I was hoping that they would at least taste good.  Also, I had plans for strategic photography so no one would know any better.  I placed the pasties in the oven and crossed my fingers.

While I relaxed and watched more BBC, disaster was happening in the dark recesses of my oven.  Mangled and leaking, I had nothing to do other than hang my head in shamed as I pulled the pasties from the oven and into the cruel harsh light.  I knew that nothing was going to make these bad boys look good.

This is the best one:

At least it tastes good....

This is the worst (it fell apart as soon as I tried to lift it off the silpat):


There is a silver lining, for as terrible as they looked, The Boy loved them.  He ate two in one sitting and begged for more.  I was flabbergasted because all I could taste as I ate them was bitter failure and defeat.  I do plan to try again, perhaps making my own dough, or trying a real recipe.  I suppose the trick would be to take my time and enjoy the process rather than try to beat the clock and prove that I am a master of multitasking. But sill, I think I’m going back to bentos for a bit.

2 Responses to “Historical Failure – Part 2”

  1. flyinglily Says:

    This was hilarious — and isn’t it great when the lads eat up the ‘failures’ and call them wonderful?

  2. Robin Says:

    I think they look delicious.

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