The Scraps

After perfectly roasting a chicken breast in my toaster oven, I was shocked to discover that The Boy had barley left any pitiful scraps for me. I really had to pick the bones clean to get enough for my bento. As an act of revenge, I finished off the broccoli rabe. Considering how much I love the stuff (and he is still trying to grow a taste for this green), I guess I’ll stop hiding his car keys in my box of tampons.

the scraps

roasted chicken breast
broccoli rabe
yellow pear tomato
lite cheese
pastina with ramano, parsley, and ground pepper
Rainier cherries

I’d like to take a minute to talk about broccoli rabe (also known as rappini). If you haven’t tried it before and enjoy bitter greens, I’d like to encourage you to hunt some of this stuff down. I grew up eating rabe either by itself or mixed in with pasta. You can blanch it for 5 mins or so before sauteing in oil and garlic to reduce the bitterness, but I never bother to do that. Instead, I just wash it, trim the stems, and then throw it in a covered pan with olive oil and garlic. Since I don’t bother to dry the rabe, that clinging water will steam and cook the rabe so long as you use a nice heavy pot and cover it. I know that I’m not giving that much info here, but a quick google search ought to help you find a bunch of recipes. My only warning is that rabe has become trendy over the years. When I was a kid, my mother used to buy gorgeous large bunches of it for $1.25 at the Italian grocers in the North End. Now you can find it at your local supermarket, but that bunch (which can often be kinda yicky and wilty) will cost you $2.99. For you local readers in search of rabe, try Market Basket. Their rabe is always in pretty good condition.

NOTE: I just read my sister’s blog today and it turns out that she posted about rabe too. I guess great minds think alike. For her recipe, check out Elise’s Blog at Journey of Will.

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