This morning I saw one of the most shocking things in my life.  My boyfriends Aunt came upstairs and told me that “something bad” had happened to my car.  Thinking it had been broken into, I just grabbed some shoes, put a jacket on to cover the fact that I had not bothered to put a bra on yet that morning, and headed outside to see the damage.  There in the driveway was my car, propped up on two thin cement blocks, all four tires missing.   The vandals hadn’t bothered to be careful or neat.  Discarded bolts were thrown around the driveway, and the car had titled forward on the blocks so it was now resting n the front axle.  The back of the car was suspended high in the air making it look like some animal in heat. . . presenting.  There was damage to the sides were the blocks were, bolts stripped in the rush to get the job done, but the door remained locked and the alarm silent.

The police were called, the report made, and sympathies given.  The usual I guess.  Things started pretty routine and I was thankful that things were progressing along.  That is until I called my insurance company.  there was no standrd procedure for this sort of thing.  Yes, the car is un-drivable, but it isn’t totaled.  Basically, you can’t tow a car with no tires.  After almost half an hour on the phone, I was given permission to try to find a company to come out on a Saturday morning (hours before a snow storm  mind you)  and put tires on the car before towing it off.  A this point, I went a little crazy.  The preferred place that the insurance company gave me was closed, and the website that would have provided more information was down.  I considered calling back, but instead more tears came and helplessness set in.

I forgot who made the suggestion (possibly my incredible friend who literally jumped out of bed to come and make sure I was ok, while simultaneously offering to take me to buy all four tires and put them on with the help of another friend) but I decided to call the dealership where I bought the car.  The man at the service center was shocked.  While this has been known to happen to other Hondas (most notably the Civic), he had never heard of this happening to a Fit.  Guess those alloy wheels are just too tempting, no matter how tiny they are.  I asked if they had four tires that I could buy, and he immediately went to work helping me.  It turned out that since they had heard of this thing before, he was going to call a tow company himself for me.  The towing company would pick up the tires from Honda first and then come to my house.

All went according to plan and now my car is safe and snuggly locked away in a body shop.  On Monday I will have to start making plans and dealing with the insurance company again.  But for now, I can try to relax and put things in perspective.  While it’s hard not to look out the window as people drive by and think to myself “Oh aren’t you people all special.  With your fancy cars.  With WHEELS!”  I suppose I should be thankful.  So many people offered to help me today that I was almost overwhelmed. Yes things really could have been a lot worse. And I am really lucky.  I am grateful for the help, support, and the well wishes.  It’s gonna take some time, a lot of paperwork, and another 5 headaches or so, but my car will be fixed and back on the road soon.  Only this time, it’ll have locking lug nuts.  So there!

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2 Responses to “WTF?”

  1. Mear Says:

    I mean seriously….who the F does that?

    There is a lot of crazy in the air. Remind me to tell you about my Friday at work (offline). And Saturday night, during the snow storm we had a builidng “firedrill” caused by some dipshit who was broiling meat at midnight and rather than opening thier windows to vent, they vented into the hall. Yay!

    I blame these economic times… or the current climate.

  2. Amphex Says:

    Wow, what a bunch of scum.

    When you get the new tires, make sure they install locking lug nuts. This will prevent or at least make it very difficult for someone to steal your wheels again.

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