Weekday Quickie

I wanted to make this bento as quickly as possible. The Boy was watching Primeval and cheap dino-cgi action waits for no woman. It was either make lunch speedy, or miss out on watching my future dinosaur pet Rex make cute little chirpy noises while he flies around, waiting to become important to the plot again. Either way, OMG Squish-face!

The resulting bento was this:

July 8

The only cooking required was allowing my shumai (bento stash freezer staple ahoy!), to steam away while I contemplated if anyone was going to loose a limb, eye, pound of flesh, or all of the above in the show. Then that guy jumped into a pool…totally saw that one coming.

pork and shrimp shumai
tomato and fresh mozzarella
kalamata olives
low sodium soy sauce for veggies

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  1. Lisa Says:

    “cheap dino-cgi action waits for no woman” – awesome line :)

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