Lunch of the Limberlost

Thanks to a recommendation on Bookmooch, I found myself working my way through A Girl of the Limberlost.  I say “working through” because the main character was just so perfect that there were many times I was tempted to through the book into my office’s 4 ft tall industrial shredder.  Problem is that I am one of those people who has a hard time giving up a book once I’ve started reading it.  But rather than get into my lukewarm feelings about the book, I am going to talk about the one part I really liked: the description of Elnora’s lunchbox.  Think of nice leather turn-of-the-century number, with small ceramic containers to hold things like custard and preserved strawberries as well as shaved ham and egg sandwiches.  I was in love.  So in love in fact that I immediately headed off to google to find what I could find.

Half an hour later, and I still had no luck finding a lunchbox like the one inspired in the book, but I did remember the lunch pail that I bought for a doll I had when I was younger.  Though the period for this doll was 20 or so years later than Elnora’s story, at least it was something that I could mimick at home to satisfy me while I did some serious research on the history of packed lunches in America.  Here is what I came up with:

limberlost lunch

And yes, those are watercress tea sandwiches!

My plan is to do more research and produce some more accurate lunches in between my usual bentos.  I hope to bring things a little closer to home with this project because deep down inside, I have a real love of American History.  Also, I have some colonial period recipe books that could use a little love.

3 Responses to “Lunch of the Limberlost”

  1. The L Says:

    Did you remember to line it with fragrant PawPaw leaves? I loved Elnora’s lunchbox, too, but then I have a soft spot in my heart for the book. I remember my mom reading it to me at bedtime. :)

  2. Amikins Says:

    Where are you getting watercress? I live in the area and i was in the mood for some myself…

  3. smalerie Says:

    Hi Amikins,

    I got the watercress at Super 88 in Malden. I’ve been trying to scope the place out better not that my beloved Kotobukiya is gone.

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