So where is she now…

I got back from the funeral, went to bed, went to work, and was so happy to be back to my usual routine of sleeping, eating, dreaming of bentos, and terrorizing The Boy.  Heck, I was in such a good mood that I even made Hamburger Helper for dinner (never had it before, but had refused to make it for The Boy because I had decided a long time ago that it was gross).  Just as I was about to sit myself down to a dinner of yummy salad and questionable brown salty goo endorsed by what kinda looks like if one of Mickey Mouse’s gloves was dropped into radioactive chemicals, I got a call from my mother.

Smal’s Mom – I need to go to the hospital.

Smal – WHAT?!

Smal’s Mom – It’s so bad, I need to go to the hospital.

*phone cuts out*

Smal – Um Mom?


 At this point I called everyone in my home town that I knew, trying to remember phone numbers in high school in an attempt to find someone who could go to the house and check on my mother.  Finally, I gave up and called the town fire department.

Basically, my mother had hurt her knee and was heading back to the house so that her friend could drive her to the hospital.  Thanks to the cell phone dead zone she hit, I was convinced she was dead.  She arrived home to find two police cruisers waiting in the driveway for her.  According to her report, after she sent them away the first time, they came back again to make sure her friend got her and to help her get into the car.  I brought them hot fresh bagels in the morning to thank them for their help.  Really, they didn’t have to go back that second time, and mom without bringing food.

This does mean that I will be spending the weekend looking after her and banging my head on the desk while I wait for her 7+ year old computer to load Facebook.  Bento blogs will just have to wait again.

I can tell you what is coming up though.  I have decided to mix my love for American History and boxed lunches into one fun mini-project.  I’ll give you a hint though: I was inspired after reading Girl of the Limberlost.

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