Switching into summer mode

I think my favorite part of summer is the ability to switch gears. Suddenly things become both a lot faster and slower at the same time. You run from one activity or get together to another, but between the rushing, you find these great moments to slow down. Afternoons are spent outside, nursing a beer or two for what seems like hours. Long car rides seem like vacation once you can have the windows open and slip off your sandals.

Summer foods start to make an appearance and suddenly you have access to farmers markets and fresher ingredients. You cook less and less because it’s too warm to hang out in front of the stove and eating hot food isn’t a priority anyway.

This bento is my attempt to begin the transition.  Just some veggies and cold chicken.  I love cold chicken and the nice thing about this is that you can get chicken legs very cheaply.  Just add some spices and roast the legs in the oven.  You can add the meat to a light salad, or be lazy like me and just plop it down in your lunchbox.

hot weather bento

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  1. Lisa Says:

    Summer usually kinda sucks for me – but I can enjoy it vicariously through others!

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