Onigiri for All!

June 5th

Onigiri are a great staple to have on hand.  They are easy to make and even freeze well.  I often wonder why I don’t make them more often.    The one in the picture has spicy tuna in the middle.    My trick that is that I try not to make the tuna too mayo-y because a drier tuna seems to help the onigiri to hold together a little better.  Also,i read somewhere that you should wrap each onigiri in plastic wrap and put them in the freezer while they are still warm.  This is supposed to keep the moisture in so that you don’t end up with dry hard rice.  I’ve tried both letting them cool and not and I haven’t noticed too much of a difference myself.  I do like to nuke the onigiri for a few seconds before eating it because that always seems to soften things us the best.  Of course the most sure fire way to have nice soft onigiri to to make them the same day you eat them, but I don’t have a timer on my rice cooker so fresh rice is NOT an option for me on weekdays.  I get up early enough as is!

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  1. eilismaura Says:

    I make my rice in the microwave and not in a rice cooker most times – ever consider that? I LOVE sticky rice – and need to work on my onigiris again.

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