Life of a Bad Blogger

My sister informed me today that I am a bad blogger because my updates lately have been few and far between. Well lucky for you dear readers (assuming I have any left at this point), I have decided to dedicate tomorrow to building up my bento stash. I hope to write a bunch of entries to archive and experiment with sushi rice in hopes of posting some more recipes. So in the end, this could be a good thing, or The Boy is going to come home to find me lying on the floor in a fetal position and moaning something about Dick Clark’s head in a jar and replacing all my clothes with sweaters from The Quacker Factory.

Oh yeah, and I started a new project over on Ravelry. You can friend me as Krebstar5 in case any of you out there are knitters.

4 Responses to “Life of a Bad Blogger”

  1. eilismaura Says:

    Oh my — if you are a bad blogger what does that make me???????

  2. The sister Says:

    I’m just glad the for once I’m not the “bad blogger” I held that title in the family for a long time!

  3. The sister Says:

    ps- join twitter….I’m jw_elise on there.

  4. eilismaura Says:

    LOL – I am worse on Twitter!

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