Ghosts of Bentos Past

I know I haven’t updated in quite a bit, but my schedule never seems to slow down when I hope it will. This weekend I will be in Philly, so I guess that will give me something to post about when I come back. I did make a bento this week, but I didn’t have time to upload the picture last night. Excuses are lame, I know that… So to make up for my bad behavior, I am posting some pics of bentos that I made when I first started playing around with them. Enjoy!

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Chaz Rocks!
This is Chazz. Chazz is a huge fan of the band KISS. This is mostly because he has a lot in common with the band… including the desire to rock and roll all night, and party everyday. Like his favorite band, Chazz also enjoys merchandising. So much in fact that Chazz will be promoting his own brand of spicy tuna flavored toothpaste which will be available this fall.

From the leafy depths...
From the leafy depths comes Pasquale the Salad Monster. He just can’t get enough arugula and guards it with a ferocity that few dare to challenge.

Because everyday is a good day to have a ninja in your lunchbox!

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