When bentos aren’t enough…

While I would say that making bentos is my main outlet for allowing my creative juices to flow, I’m also a casual knitter. My carpal tunnel makes it difficult for me to take on any major projects, but I do have a Ravelry account and spend a lot of spare time knitting blankets to donate to animal shelters. My sister, on the other hand is a hardcore knitter. You can see proof of that by checking out her shop Effulgent Crafts.

Sure this seems like shameless plugging, but you are ignoring the ever important bragging element! That’s right, for the first time, something handmade by Smalerie herself (coughMEcough), is available in her shop. While my sister spent a very long time creating wooden knitting needles by hand, I stole the fun part of making the toppers. Here is a pic of one of my creations:

Burger Knitting Needles

Food related toppers?  Really Smal?  Guess you shouldn’t be surprised. 😉

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