A Night at The Rock Opera

Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra

I rarely go to concerts anymore. Back during my college years I did a few internships where I was at a show almost every week, sometimes twice. Now I find my dislike of crowds and lack of free time to be more of a deterrent than I would normally like. While it would never be fair for me to say that I am one of those people who are truly passionate about music (ie. can play a million instruments, write their own songs), I do enjoy live music when it is done with the energy and passion it deserves.

Thanks to the urging of my sister, I was able to see a show this weekend that was truly amazing. A Night at the Rock Opera was perhaps the best night out I have had in a long time. Having grown up on old-school rock (you know, the kind that you will always love and will never be embarrassed for loving), the Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra might be my new favorite live show. Playing what could be considered “true rock and roll cannon,” there wasn’t a bad song all night. If bands like The Who, The Beatles, and Queen have already found drilled their way into your music sub-conscious, chances are that you could sing along with at least 80% of the show. But even if you don’t know all the words…the amount of energy coming off that stage will make you feel like someone stuck an IV of Red Bull in your arm. We are talking pure, liquid rock people!

You can watch a video of the URO on their website. For any of you Boston readers, you should really take some of that money you are saving by making bento lunches and go check them out at the Stuart Street Playhouse. Tickets can cost you anywhere from $40 to $20 depending on how you get them. Hint: People on the mailing list can get a discount and there are discount tickets ($20) available on Goldstar.

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