Some Updates and a bento

April bento

The above bento was my attempt at experimenting with some time saving tips. I had precut and marinated the chicken in advance so that the cooking would go much faster. I also used a pre-mixed bag of veggies (buy one, get one free) for the little stir-fry. Using dried fruit saved me some time so I didn’t have to cut anything up, so that left the pasta as the longest thing I had to cook. So, this bento might be all that exciting, but it fit into my life during an oddly busy and exhausting week.

Update #1: I went to Kotobukiya last night and asked about the future of the store. As of May 10th, the store will be closed permanently, and there are no plans to open up a new location. I was told that in the summer, someone else would be opening an Japanese grocery market in Medford Square and it should have parking available. The woman tried to tell me the name, but I don’t speak Japanese and she couldn’t write it down for me. I was assured that if I asked at the restaurant across the way, they would be able to help me out. I didn’t have time to stop there, but if anyone else local hears anything, I would love to be in on the info.

Update #2: My friend Sean is about to donate half of his liver in two week’s time. Since this is a major decision that will definitely change his life and relationships with many of his loved ones, he has decided to journal about his experiences over at Journey of Will. Sean is an amazing writer and probably the bravest person I know. You really should be reading it.

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