Meet Kitsu (includes fun Boston Events)

Take me with you!

For those of you who read my last blog over at journalspace, the fuzzball above should be a pretty familiar face. For those of you who are new, meet Kitsune (Japanese for fox). While Kitsune (Kitsu for short) does not belong to me, I am lucky enough to dog sit for him from time to time. When he is staying with me while his mommy the veterinarian works at a local animal hospital on overnights, I can’t help but to dress him up funny and test how much he will let me get away with. So far, Kitsu has never protested and is probably the happiest dog I have ever had the fortune to know. Then again, it might just be the chicken treats he knows he is going to get once I’m done wrapping him up in toilet paper to make him look like a mummy….but still, look how happy he is:

Kitsu Ho Tep

As for me Boston-y update, this weekend is Eater weekend so there is a lot going on. A friend of mine recently shared this link with me: Johnny’s List of Weird Boston Events. I wouldn’t say that all these events are “weird” (Easter egg hunts? Really?), but Johnny’s commentary is fun and there is some really great stuff in there. I plan to start taking advantage of more Boston events myself, so I’m sure to be lurking around somewhere this spring. Nothing says fun to me more than a good ol’ historical reenactment. What girl doesn’t love muskets and cannons?

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