Blast from the Past – My first bento!

I started making bentos back in 2006. Don’t ask me how I discovered it exactly, but I remember watching too much anime and being jealous that their lunches always looked so much better than mine. I should probably blame the discovery of Cooking Cute as my final motivation to scour the internet and find the perfect bento box for me. So over 2 years, one apartment, and one very bad camera set up ago, I make this:

First Bento!

and this:

Sister's First Bento

The first one was for me, and the second for my sister. I cooked and cooled some soba, steamed some veggies that came in a pre-cut pack, and tried to get creative. Though these bentos are pretty simple, I was really surprised by how you could get such results with a little work. After my sister came home that night and told me she loved her lunch, but had to eat the eyes off the little birdies first so they couldn’t look at her as she ate them, I knew I was hooked.

My bentos have grown a bit since then, so I am hoping from time to time to pull out some older bentos and talk about how I could have improved them with just a little more imagination and effort.

These bentos for instance, could have used a bit more variety. While I’m sure the second one was filling enough, the first one was a little bit short. Also, I think that the veggie nugget could have been packed a bit better, something could have been used to fill the empty space around it. The sad thing is that I don’t even have a picture of what I had put in the other tier. Still, for a first try, it was pretty cute.

Does anyone else have any first attempts they would like to share? Also, when you first started making bentos, what did you find the most challenging?

Thanks for reading!

2 Responses to “Blast from the Past – My first bento!”

  1. The sister Says:

    Awww…I remember eating that! And that’s the old kitchen cart!

  2. Mara Says:

    Hey, I’m Mara, and I am going to guess you live in Boston, which I live near (I live in Brockton, but I am from Boston originally)! I recently started *making* bento, though I’ve had supplies for a while, heh. Dieting spurred me on. Here’s my first attempt:
    I haven’t made any other bento that were worthy of photography, but that was from last week.

    Maybe I’ll see you at Anime Boston? Maybe?

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