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Good News Everyone!

Saturday, September 8th, 2012

A friend, my sister, and I have started a new blog about our various adventures in food, crafting, and hanging out at our local comic shop. While waiting for me to start bento making again, take a gander at the Ladies of Comicazi blog.

As for the bento making front, I have plans tomorrow afternoon to start working on a stash again. Poor advance planning has been my downfall many times, so let’s hope that I can turn over a new leaf. I still plan to focus on the more healthy side of bento making with the occasion trip to various recipes I have tried out and would like to share.

To keep you all interested, here is a bunny bento I did eons ago:

Shy Bunny detail

The bunny is ham and cheese mostly while the bulk of the bento is swiss chard cooked with some fennel sausage. I made the bunny using a set of cutter I bought, so getting the right look was fast and easy. And really, if it isn’t easy, chances are that I’m going to skip the character bento for something more in the generally pretty category.