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Shameless Plug: Ink and Pixel Club

Monday, September 26th, 2011

I realize this blog often lacks a sense of focus. I kinda post about whatever I feel like regardless of all my promises to focus on western-style bentos with an Italian-American twist. Yeah, yeah, it does sounds pretty neat when I put it like that…but considering I can sometimes have the attention span of juvenile ferret with a coke habit, sometimes we just have to learn to make do with what we have. See that? I’ve already stopped making sense.

Anyway, my friend Sara recently celebrated her birthday. Her one request was that her friends take a moment to spread the word about her blog, The Ink and Pixel Club.  Sara is well versed in her field and quite the writer to boot. I myself have pretty much been obsessively reading her blog for the past two weeks. If you have any interest in animation as an art form or even in film studies in general, this is a great website to keep under your cap.

Did I mention that Sara is also an expert on Muppets as well? Yeah, so all 10 of you who read this blog, get ye over there. Just don’t forget to come back here from time to time.  I can get lonely. :)

King of Carrot Flowers

Monday, September 19th, 2011

The idea lately has been to simplify. It just makes things more *drum-roll please* simple. Yeah, you knew where I was going with that one.

King of Carrot Flowers

boiled chicken with sesame salt
ginger soy carrot flowers
garlic cabbage
light babybel cheese

My New Find

Monday, September 19th, 2011

Perhaps you remember my love of vintage recipes?  If not, please refer to this lovely post. Ok, so knowing (cause you are up to speed at this point now, right?) how much I love vintage recipes, I made the most remarkable, wonderful, bestest EVER last month while I was staying with my mother. I was digging around in an attempt to find a few recipe cards for some family favorites when I stumbled upon this:


In between my squeals of delight, Mom managed to tell me that her mother bought this for her right before her wedding. Well then, good thing an entire section of this called “Men’s Favorites.” There is no “Women’s Favorites” section because I figure they assumed we lady-types would be spending all out time eating recipes from the “Calorie Counters” sections while we make our men things like Pot Roast and Buttermilk Donuts. Remind me to thank The Boy for validating my existence. Boy Howdy! *eyeroll

Well prepare yourself to be seeing these recipes scattered into my blog posts, including the recipe cards themselves. Things this good are no fun if you don’t share!

A Side Trip – Medfield State Hospital

Sunday, September 4th, 2011

One of my favorite factoids that I like to share about my junior high and high school experience is that our campus was walking distance away from a mental health facility.  I’m not talking just any sort of psychiatric program, I am referring to Medfield State Hospital, a location that housed up to 2,000 patients during its peak.  Self sufficient and covering about 900 acres of land, Medfield State also had the unfortunate reputation of housing patients who were so ill that they had to be in a lock-down facility. In other words, they weren’t safe to have mixing among the rest of the population.


The reason I am writing about all this today is because after its closing in 2003, the grounds of Medfield State Hospital are open to the public daily from 6am-6pm.  Why this is the case, I am not sure, but it sure does make for an interesting side trip.  Recently, scenes from Shutter Island were filmed there and rumor has it that there are still some set pieces left behind in the hospital’s chapel.  Sadly, all the buildings have been condemned, so you really just get to walk around outside.  Also, with hurricane/tropical storm Irene, there seems to be a bit more damage than can be seen in some earlier pics posted by some of those “urban adventurer” sites out there.  If you ask me, it’s still a pretty creepy place and there are a lot worse ways to spend an afternoon.  I highly suggest stopping by, taking some pics, maybe peeking into a few windows.  With renewal plans being discussed by the town of Medfield, who knows how much longer you’ll get a chance to see something like this.