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Summer Bento

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

My summer bentos have a way of leaning towards the boring side. Since spending quality time in my AC-deprived kitchen is pretty low on my list of Summer-Must-Do’s, I’m much more likely to throw a bunch of stuff in a container with some lettuce and call it a salad.

On a rather cool afternoon the other day, I was able to whip up a little something that would be pretty yummy for my lunch the next day. Little fun fact about this bento, this is the second bento I made that afternoon. The first one decided that it didn’t want to go out on the porch to have its picture taken. So rather than cooperating, it decided to jump out of my hands. Emphasis on the word jump, because anyone who knows me also knows that I am a graceful swan of a lady who would never trip over her own feet and spill the contents of an entire lunch on the kitchen floor. Nope, never. Not me. *wink wink


Bento contents:
-Soba noodles (with dipping sauce in another container)
-Shitake mushrooms simmered in dashi and soy sauce
-cucumber salad with lemon and mint