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A Food Adventure…

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

This weekend I went on a trip to Quincy to check out both JnJ Turo Turo and get some supplies at Kan Man Market. I will take some pics of the goodies I took home with me, but until then I would like to direct you all to check out the blogs of those who also went on this little food adventure:

Erin – who already wrote a nice blog post about Turo-Turo complete with pictures!

Elise – With even more pics of the food and some descriptions from the menu to boot!

Yes, I realize that I am lazy and allowing them to do the work for me, but frankly, they both did such a great job on their reports that I felt there wasn’t much left to add. We are hoping to find a reason to go back and sample some other menu items in the near future, but if you are local and like to suggest any other places we should check out, please comment below. Hooray for culinary adventures!