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You get what you pay for…

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

The thing about cheap bento boxes is that they exactly what they are, cheap.  No matter how careful you are to never put it in the dishwasher and treat it as gentle as can be, there is still a pretty good chance the once adorable designs on the top are going to get scratched and look a little worn.  I think of these $1-3 bentos like those gladware containers, no matter what, I’m just going to have to replace them at some point.

Now some of you know and some of you may not know that I am turning the big 30 pretty soon.  So as prepare for my biological clock to start ticking, I am also looking to start by 30s by getting rid of things (other than myself) which are starting to show their age.  Worn out zippy with holes in the pockets and sleeves?  Gone!  Socks worn so thin you can see through them?  You are out of here!  Scratched up and cracked bento boxes meant for preschoolers?  As much as it pains me to say this, it’s time for me to see other boxes.

The good news about all this bento cleansing is that I was able to make a trip to Kam Man market.  I’ve mentioned this place before, but it seems like they realized just how popular bento culture was getting in the US because I h ave never seen such a selection there before.  And the prices?  Well, let’s just say that I am ready to have quite a wild fling with several new boxes.  Here is just a sample of the goodies they carry:

Sweet Family

See that? Sensible, understated, and microwave safe to boot.  But since old habits die hard, I did manage to throw these lovelies in too, you know, to mix things up.

Deer Bento

Overall these boxes ranged from $2-$8, with the $8 one being made of sturdier stuff with an additional microwave top underneath the colored outer one.

Turkey in the Snow

Friday, February 19th, 2010

A few weekends ago I went to the house of some friends to try my first fried turkey.  I suspect that our chef that day was annoyed that he made it through the holidays either without getting his fill of turkey or he just didn’t get to have his turkey made the way he wanted.  Regardless of the reason, he set up his propane burner in the snow and we were off.

Before we even got there, my friend had seasoned the turkey with cajun spices both inside and out with the use of one of those flavor injectors. Then after a decent amount of measuring (so the oil wouldn’t spill over when you add the turkey) and keeping a close eye on the temperature, the turkey was lowered into the vat of boiling hot oil.


Three to four minutes a pound later, we got this:


And let me tell you people, yes…fried turkey is just as good as people claim it is. The skin is crispy while the meat inside is nice and moist. I blissfully chewed on a wing and some dark meat while completely forgetting about the snow falling outside. Seriously, if you are careful and know what you are doing, this can be an extremely enjoyable meal…especially with good beer and good friends.

A Food Adventure…

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

This weekend I went on a trip to Quincy to check out both JnJ Turo Turo and get some supplies at Kan Man Market. I will take some pics of the goodies I took home with me, but until then I would like to direct you all to check out the blogs of those who also went on this little food adventure:

Erin – who already wrote a nice blog post about Turo-Turo complete with pictures!

Elise – With even more pics of the food and some descriptions from the menu to boot!

Yes, I realize that I am lazy and allowing them to do the work for me, but frankly, they both did such a great job on their reports that I felt there wasn’t much left to add. We are hoping to find a reason to go back and sample some other menu items in the near future, but if you are local and like to suggest any other places we should check out, please comment below. Hooray for culinary adventures!

Biding my time…

Monday, February 8th, 2010

While my lunches this week are taking on a more healthy outlook, I am sad to say that they aren’t much to look at. I know that salad can be really fun and interesting if I push myself to make it look nice, but I’ve been too distracted with football game commercials, finishing up season 2 of Dexter, and now hula hoop lessons to dwell on what else can be done to make a carrot look like..well..something other than a carrot. So while I spend some time planning my next food project and bento, here is another bento blast from the past:

What are those things?

Monkey faces!!!

For details on the contents of the bento, just click on the picture.

Chinese Take Out

Thursday, February 4th, 2010


Just a little something I made with leftovers from Chinese take-out. The Lo Mein was lacking in the promised vegetables, so I added a zucchini. I figured it was a good way to add volume without eating more of the greasy noodles. The dumplings in the top section are filled with spinach. Last but not least is my darling little clementine.

Daisy Bento

Monday, February 1st, 2010

Daisy Bento

In between attempts to vacuum seal everything in my kitchen (I just got one of those FreshSaver things) , I managed to make this bento. I know that the use of the frozen veggies is “meh,” but I do have to confess to enjoying the ease of them. And also, I REALLY like them in my mashed potatoes.

Ham and turkey (thanks mom!)
babybel cheese
white sweet potato mash with veggies