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Bits and Pieces

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

The purpose of posting this rather bland bento is to illustrate a concept that I keep coming across in my readings about Japanese food and bentos: bite-sized pieces.  While I have yet to find a definitive answer as to why this is, many people think that this is because slicing large pieces of food isn’t really all that possible when you are using chopsticks.  In his book “A Taste of Japan,”  Donald Ritchie argues that Japanese food is served cut-up because Japanese chef’s focus more on presentation than other cultures do.  This would most certainly apply to bentos as you often need to cut food down in order to make it fit attractively in box. In many cases too, it’s the least you can do to make sure you are fitting enough food into that box as well.

I especially like this bite-sized food idea when it comes to portion control and using bentos as a way to eat better. Taking smaller bites but having more of them can often make you feel like you are eating more. Also, it can help you to slow down your eating so you can allow your body to feel full. Basically, it just another way to make you slow down and actually enjoy the meal.

The Boy will be eating this today:

Bits and Pieces


Cucumber and babybel cheese
chicken and apple sausage
roasted sweet potatoes (again!)
japanese candy

No knife required!