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The next step…

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

After a week in the fridge, my bacon was fully cured.  If I had a smoker, now would be the time to start thinking about wood chips and all that jazz.  Sadly, I had packed away my bbq weeks ago and I am way too lazy to build my own contraption like Alton Brown.  No, a simple roasted bacon would have to do for the likes of me.

And so, I liberated my pork belly slabs from the fridge, gave them a good rinse, and placed them in a cool oven (200 degrees) for two hours.  This helps  dry things out, and makes things a lot easier to handle.  I’m sure it serves other purposes too, but who cares about that when your oven smells so good that you can finally understand why someone would buy one of those bacon scented candles.

roasted bacon

While things are still warm, I removed the skin and there it was…slabs of bacon made by yours truly. My God, it was beautiful. The book suggested i cut off a little piece there and then to try things out. The warm fat and meat tasted like bacon butter, and it only hinted at the goodness left to come.

Slabs of bacon can be very difficult to cut, so the idea is to partially freeze it before to keep things from being too squishy while you use your sharpest knife to make thick even cuts.

Behold! The final product:

The spoils

There was some center cut in there somewhere, but I think The Boy and I had eaten it all before I got the chance to take the picture. While our favorite method so far has simply been to cook the bacon and eat it, we have also cooked chunks to add to our salad. Damn it’s good stuff. I don’t think I will ever look at bacon bits the same way again.

If the pictures haven’t been enough to convince you and you are still not sure if making bacon is worthwhile…let’s put it this way: I am already planning my next batch. I won’t make it right away because too much bacon isn’t good for anyone, but I have reached BLT nirvana, and I have no intentions of looking back.