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After Super 88

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

After Super 88

As I try to fill the hole that Kotobukiya has left behind, i went to Super 88 today. Shopping there is always a lot of fun, but i was bummed because there were a lot of things that I couldn’t find. But then again, in the hopes of finding some new regular items, I have a bunch of new things that I’m trying…like a strawberry jelly mix and ceylon spinach (featured in the bento above).

Another discovery this week were mini cucumbers. Not sure what purpose they serve other than being cute because the seedless cucumbers have served me just fine up to this point.And this might be me being nit picky, but I’m not quite sure why they chose Sponge Bob to be their mascot. What exactly does he have to do with cucumbers? Anyone know? Anyone? Bueller?

There are no real recipes to share this time, but I will point out the miso ball. I love adding these to bentos because they can be a really nice way to start a meal or save for a snack later. I just pop the miso ball (rolled in chopped scallion with some instant dashi stock sprinkled on) in a mug and add hot water. Just a few stirs, and you have miso! No, it’s not the most interesting miso in the world, but it is still warm and comforting during these endless rainy days we seem to be having up here in the northeast.