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Dinner Strikes Back

Monday, June 1st, 2009

Dinner Strikes Again!

Lately I have become more and more lazy when it comes to cooking things just for my bento. Cooking a bento stash and making little additions is part of the fun for making bento, but I haven’t been home enough to lately to take the time to shop and plan things. This means that I would much rather drag my sorry butt home and watch Chuck than spend my last hour at home worrying that my hot dogs don’t look octopus-y enough. Thankfully things are looking like they might slow this week, so my bentos should be getting a but better.

The bento above is literally what I had for dinner the night before, and the only bit of feedback that I can give about it is that I don’t care for peas and carrots. I like peas, I like carrots… Turns out I only like them when they behave like kids at their first dance…all the peas on one side, and the carrots on the other..always maintaining a chaperone-approved distance apart.