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Catching Up…

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

I have a bunch of back-logged bentos that need to be posted. Here is the first round:

Bento for The Boy:

The purpose of posting this bento is to show that bentos don’t always have to be cute. This is just a regular tupperware and only special equipment I used was some plastic sushi grass. The idea here was to make something that was still attractive, but also make something that the boy could eat at work and not have to worry about explaining why his lunch is looking back at him lovingly.

For the Boy

Cutting Back Bento:

The purpose of this bento was to show that you can make yourself a healthy lunch that still looks like something that is fun to eat. The salad is pretty standard and the omlettes are just a way to make the ordinary more fun. Traditionally, you wouldn’t cover these things in sauce, but I really love the way it tastes with this particular stuff. Problem is that I can’t remember what the stuff is called so when it comes to buying it again, I might be out of luck. I also ended up mixing the sauce, the egg, and the Chinese broccoli underneath all together. Odd, I know, but I promise it was really tasty.

Cutting Back