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Let the Games Begin!

Monday, January 12th, 2009

Today marks the first day of the Just Hungry bento challenge for me.  It also marks the beginning of phase 2 in my South Beach diet plan.  This means that carbs are no longer evil and whole grains are back on the menu.  It also means that I can have brown rice and quinoa again.  For those of you who know my last blog, you might know how I sing hte praises of quinoa.  I love everything about the stuff and can’t get over how well it lends itself to bento making.  Cook some in your rice cooker, add some veggies and seasoning…and you got instant healthy salad.  This time I went the greek route with feta, tomatos, and cucumber.  It’s light and filling and pretty much a no brainer (which at this point is a big plus because my brain is fried trying to take car of all my car stuff…more on that later).

So here is my first bento for the challenge:

Bernard the Wonder Carrot

There was a time when I insisted on putting faces in my bentos regardless of what I was making. I would make creepy face in my lunch than write some little fun fact about it. Well, this is Bernard the Wonder Carrot. Click on the pic for more details.