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My Fraggle Rocks

Thursday, January 1st, 2009

I just discovered this morning that my former blog over at journalspace is no more. Victim of accidental disaster or premeditated revenge, I suppose there is no point in whining about it. The new year is starting off with a new blog, a new goal, and hopefully new motivation to make the information on here actually be of interest to somebody.

First an introduction. 28 yr old female, answers to the name Valerie (or often Smal/Smalerie, a nickname that I don’t think will ever go away). Things that don’t make me that much of an individual include my love of cute things (especially if they have soft fuzzy ears), a love to cook, and an inclination towards geekdom. Things that do make me stand-out: well, I’m the only me, so let’s just start with that.

I hope that in time this new blog will focus on a few things. I constantly strive to learn new things and have new experiences, whether it be weight loss through bento lunches or historical reenactment. This blog will hopefully grow along with me as I get a better idea of how to organize myself in this new space. But we need to start somewhere, so here it goes. Let’s toast to Smal beginnings.